Self-Indulgent Auteur Tallies

Periodically posted whenever a significant majority of an auteur’s films have been viewed, with apologies to Tag Gallagher and the conseil des dix

**** masterpiece
*** must see
** see
* see if necessary
• don’t bother
– have not seen

Woody Allen (Last updated 08/11/2009)

Ingmar Bergman (Last updated 08/21/2009)

Peter Bogdanovich (Last updated 08/15/2009)

Robert Bresson (Last updated 08/11/2009)

Claude Chabrol (Last updated 05/28/2010)

Charles Chaplin (Last updated 04/01/2010)

Samuel Fuller (Last updated 04/25/2010)

Jean-Luc Godard (Last updated 12/22/2009)

Howard Hawks (Last updated 08/07/2010)

Alfred Hitchcock (1940-1976) Complete

Elia Kazan (Last updated 07/10/2010)

Fritz Lang (Last updated 07/05/2010)

Jerry Lewis (Last updated 01/30/2010)

Ernst Lubitsch (1928-1948) (Last updated 08/23/2009)

David Mamet Complete

Joseph L Mankiewicz (Last updated 08/05/2010)

Jean-Pierre Melville (Last updated 08/11/2009)

Vincente Minnelli (Last updated 08/28/2010)

Lukas Moodysson (Last updated 12/28/2009)

Paul Newman (Last updated 05/23/2010)

Otto Preminger (Last updated 09/12/2010)

Nicholas Ray (Last updated 04/04/2010)

Jacques Rivette (Last updated 08/15/2009)

Steven Soderbergh (Last updated 05/08/2010)

Preston Sturges (Last updated 08/21/2009)

Quentin Tarantino (Last updated 09/25/2009)

Frank Tashlin (Last updated 08/03/2010)

Charles Walters (Last updated 06/25/2010)

Orson Welles (Last updated 02/16/2010)

Billy Wilder (Last updated 06/29/2010)

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