Frederick Wiseman vs. Mighty Mouse


From Homicide: Life on the Street, episode 5.04 “Bad Medicine”

Brody: So, watching TV huh?

Bayliss: Yeah, yeah. I’m watching Mighty Mouse.

Brody: Oh, Mighty Mouse.

Bayliss: Yeah. Yeah. Do you want to watch something else?

Brody: Well there’s a retrospective on Frederick Wiseman on cable… They’re showing Titicut Follies. It’s a seminal work he did on an insane asylum in Massachusetts. It’s genius… He doesn’t even put film in his camera for the first few weeks of work. Only when his subjects forget that the camera’s there does he begin to really capture reality.

Bayliss: He doesn’t put film in his camera?

Brody: Yeah, it’s brilliant when you think about it.

Bayliss: (Sighs) Mighty Mouse.

Brody: Okay, fine.



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